“SAKURA” high season in Fukuoka

Last Updated on 2021/07/20

Cherry blossom represents spring in Japan.
Now, cherry blossom is blooming in Fukuoka city, so many people not only Japanese but also other country people go to view the beautiful pink petals.

As cherry blossom festivals are being held in many places throughout Japan, the Sakura Matsuri festival is being held in the Maizuru park in Fukuoka city.

There are many food stall, music concert and entertainments all day. Light up nightly between 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm during 28 Mar – 8 Apr, you can enjoy a fantastic world, different from daytime.

The cherry blossoms are really beautiful at night. You will be able to see lots of people enjoying drinking party under cherry blossom trees here and there.

Please do come and visit Japan in cherry blossom season!

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