Festivals in Fukuoka city

Last Updated on 2021/07/20

Hakata Dontaku

The Dontaku is held on May 3 and 4 in Hakata, Fukuoka city.
You can see so many people parade through the streets in various costumes, some playing Japanese unique instruments and clapping wooden spoons for scoping rice during the Dontaku Festival that is a corruption of the Dutch word Zontag, meaning Sunday.


Setsubun festival at Kushida Shrine

The ceremony held on every February 3, the day before spring, in which people scatter roasted soy beans to drive away goblins and draw in happiness.


Tama seseri

Hakozaki Shrine is one of the three major shrines of Hachiman god and designated as an important national property. Tama seseri is a festive ritual of the new year holidays, held every year at the shrine on January 3rd, where shrine parishioners compete to get a wooden ball to divine the year’s fortune. You can almost forget the shivering cold of winter at the energetic sight of men in Fundoshi (loincloth) competing for the ball. It is said that if the winner of the ball is from the seaside team, a good haul is foreseen for the year and if it is the land team, a good harvest.
(Yokanavi WEB http://yokanavi.com/eg/landmark/index/207)


Toka Ebisu

Toka Ebisu is held from January 8 to 11. Over a million people visit Toka Ebisu Shrine in order to wish for the success in business or family prosperity.

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