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There must be a lot of “Beachgoers” in the world, who love the sea. They are seeking beautiful beaches while traveling. I am one of them and have visited many beautiful beaches all over Kyushu.

The first purpose to visit Hirado in Nagasaki was a beach, Hitotsuku beach. It was quite a beautiful beach even though the weather was not so good, that is to say mostly cloudy and partially sunny. Moreover, around the beach remains original scenery of Japan or the atmosphere of the countryside and appeals travelers’ sentiments.

The beautiful emerald ocean and white sand beach. It is also famous for the beautiful sunset. It is a bathing resort, which is not crowded because of a little-known great spot.

There are no public transportation available. Therefore a rental car or taxi should be used to go there. It takes about 30 minutes from Hirado-Ohashi.

Bathrooms, showers, and a restaurant are available during sea bathing season in summer. You enjoy a lot of nature.

Hirado had relationships with European countries such as Portugal and Holland in trade during the 16~17 centuries. Christianity spread in Japan after Francis Xavier came to Hirado in 1550. Christianity had been banned during the 17~19 centuries but it was believed secretly in Hirado. Still now people have kept their belief and 10 percent of the people in Hirado are Christians. There are 14 Catholic Churches there.

Access to Hirado
-Rail and Bus
Hakata Station or Nagasaki Station–(JR、120minutes)–Sasebo Station–(Matsuura railroad, 80 minutes)–Tabira hiradoguchi station–(bus、10 minutes)–Hirado

Hakata–(express bus、130 minutes)–Sasebo–(bus、90minutes)–Hirado
Nagasaki–(express bus、90 minutes)–Sasebo–(bus、90minutes)–Hirado

There are a lot of must-see sights in Hirado.

Hirado Ohashi (Hirado Big Bridge)
A red 665 meter suspention bridge, which is 30 meters above the sea.

Tabira Insects Natural Park
Mr Satoshi Kuribayashi, a photographer, who is world-famous for wildlife photos especially of insects, is from Tabira town in Hirado city. I have seen many pictures of insects taken by Mr. Kuribayashi, who won the Lennart Nilsson Award in 2006, which is regarded as a Novel Prize of science pictures. Tabira Insects Natural Park was built in Hirado honoring Mr. Kuribayashi, who was born here. Not only children but also adults can enjoy observing a lot of insects living in the park.

Tabira Catholic Church
The church made of red bricks was built in 1915. I have never seen such a beautiful church!

Hirado Xavier Memorial Church
This is one of the sightseeing spots representing Hirado, which is a very beautiful church.

Himosashi church
This is one of the best Romanesque churches in the East.

Hoki Church
Its stained glasses are beautiful. A structure of the church is unique among churches in Hirado.

Hirado Castle
This was built in 1718. A view from the castle tower is wonderful. You can see all over the city and look at as far as Iki Island

Hirado Dutch Trading House
This is a large warehouse which was used for trade with Holland in the past.

Usuka fishery port
This is a small port which is famous for a location for a film. It is exactly said it is original scenery of Japan.

Kawachi Mountain Pass
This is a grassy plain, which commands scenery of the beautiful islands in the sea.

Recommended food

Japanese flounder
It is known as a high class fish and eaten for Sushi, Sashimi or raw fish and so forth. Hirado has the one of the foremost Japanese flounder catches in Japan. Natural Japanese flounders are delicious.

Hirado Beef
This is high grade Japanese beef featuring with a distinctive sweet taste.

Agodasi Ramen noodles
This is a kind of Ramen noodles with stock made from flying fish, which is a local product in Hirado. Soup of the noodles has superior taste!

How to make was instructed by priests from Portugal coming to Japan in the 17th century. Now it is a sweet representing Hirado.

Recommended Accommodation (Hotels)
Umeyashiki Kairakuen
This ryokan, Japanese inn has rooms with beautiful ocean views. However, there is something more wonderful in the hotel. That is incredibly delicious food served as much as you cannot eat all. When I stayed here, I was served with Japanese flounder sashimi, big Japanese spiny lobster, Hirado beef and others, which were too much to eat all.

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