“Hakata Bijin” beautiful ladies in Fukuoka

Last Updated on 2021/07/20

The city with beautiful women

There are many beautiful ladies in Fukuoka. Many people, not only those living in Fukuoka but also in other areas and even foreign people often say so. There is an expression “Hakata Bijin” that means beautiful ladies of Hakata. Hakata is an old port town in Fukuoka which has interacted with other countries such as China and Korea since ancient times. “Hakata Bijin” are said to be one of the three most beautiful groups of women in Japan along with “Kyoto Bijin” and “Akita Bijin”. Women in Fukuoka have beauty within as well as without. Many of them look strong-willed and stubborn but actually they are magnanimous and have deep insights. They also know how to respect and control men in their life.

There are many young women in Fukuoka. Fukuoka has the highest rate (9.9%) of young women among major cities in Japan. It also has many beauty salons, especially in the downtown area, Tenjin is said to have the highest density of beauty salons in Japan. Women in Fukuoka spend a lot of money on their beauty, like nail salons, aesthetic salons, cosmetics and clothes compared to other areas.
It is said that “Hakata Bijin” are characterized by their white skin and charming eyes. Maybe thanks to the collagen contained in local dishes like Tonkotsu Ramen and Motsu Nabe.

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