The moment that wonderful Sushi impresses you

Last Updated on 2021/07/20

There are many prestigious Sushi restaurants in Fukuoka. One I would strongly recommend among them is “Sushi Osamu”. The sushi chef devotes himself to making sushi, which are amazing. The very fresh ingredients delicately seasoned are special.

The sushi course, which includes about seventeen kinds of dishes including sashimi, or raw fish, cooked boiled food, soup and nigiri sushi, will give you blissful time. The last portion of the nigiri sushi or hand-shaped sushi is toro, or marbled tuna, rolled in seaweed called nori with a unique texture you have never tried before. The nori is of the very best quality from the Ariake sea in Kyushu but you usually cannot get it in Fukuoka. The chef brings it back from Tokyo. It is said this nori is the best in Japan.

The restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and caters for a small number of guests. The hospitality of the chef and his wife is excellent.

Dinner JPY 15,000 and more, lunch JPY 5,000 and more. A reservation is required.
Phone: +81-(0)92-511-2288
Address: 5-16-10 Nagazumi Minami-ku Fukuoka city
Closed on Wednesdays

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