Friendly people in Fukuoka

Last Updated on 2021/07/20

Come into contact with the local people who are very friendly.
People in Fukuoka are very friendly. Those who are walking on the streets are full of smiles. If you are standing on the streets with a map, someone will approach you, and if you ask how to go somewhere, they will show you the way kindly. When you are at a Yatai, an office worker might treat you to a glass of Shochyu. I believe that there are many more people who are kind and approachable in Fukuoka than in other areas of Japan.

Why is that? The city has a 2000 year- history. Partly because it has interacted with other countries like China and Korea since ancient times, people in Fukuoka have open minds and show hospitality towards visitors. Fukuoka has various festivals, historic resources and cultural facilities. Perhaps people in Fukuoka are mature both historically and culturally.
Anyway, come and meet the amicable people in Fukuoka.

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