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Last Updated on 2021/11/06

Have you ever thought that you would like to walk under the breathtakingly beautiful wisteria tunnels someday? Kawachi Wisteria Garden (Kawachi Fujien), in the city of Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, is situated in the mountains, and is owned by a family. The reputation of the graceful garden protected by the family has spread all over the world today; it became one of the most popular sightseeing spots in the city. 

‘I definitely want to go to Kawachi Wisteria Garden this year!’ ‘I went to the garden the last time I was here, but I can’t wait to visit next season!’ Surely you will be refreshed by the elegant wisteria. The garden opens for only two seasons, spring, which is from the end of April to the middle of May and autumn, which is from the end of November to the beginning of December. 

Do you want to know how to get to the garden? There are three ways. First, take a tour. Second, drive a car or take a taxi. Third, take a free shuttle bus; there are one or two an hour leaving from Yahata train station. Let us introduce how to enjoy Kawachi Wisteria Garden, as follows!

Ticket & Entrance fee of Kawachi Garden

Wisteria season-If you take a tour, you don’t have to worry about the ticket, but if you are going to the garden individually, you need to buy a ticket in advance at convenience stores such as Seven Eleven and Family Mart. This is to control the number of visitors and avoid traffic jams at the garden. 

The ticket price at the convenience stores is 500 yen. The entrance fee is elevated depending on blooming conditions, up to 1,500 yen. When the entrance fee is 1,500 yen, show your 500 yen ticket and pay the additional 1,000yen in cash. Not surprisingly, blooming conditions will be different due to the climate of a given year. 

The 1,500 yen-entrance fee means that it’s the best time to see the wisteria! You are lucky when the fee is 1,500 yen! Just be careful though, if you don’t have the ticket from a convenience store, you will not be allowed to enter the garden. Also, you can’t take a free shuttle bus without the ticket.

Autumn leaves season-You don’t need to get the ticket at a convenience store in advance. The entrance fee also fluctuates depending on autumn leaves conditions, up to 500 yen. When the leaves are at their peak, the fee is 500yen. The minimum fee is 300 yen if the autumn leaves have almost all fallen.

Access to Kawachi Wisteria Garden

The nearest station from Kawachi Wisteria Garden is JR Yahata train station. A free shuttle bus is available only during the wisteria season, but it is always crowded. It takes about 20-25mins via a winding road to the garden on a crowded bus. 

If you don’t want to stand on the bus more than 20mins, the alternative is a taxi. It is about 2,700 yen for one way. There is a taxi stand in both Yahata station and Kawachi Wisteria Garden. If you want to take a taxi from the city center Kokura, it is about 3,800 yen for one way.

Lake? Or What?

You might notice a lake-like view on the winding road leading to the garden. This is not a lake, but Kawachi reservoir for the Yahata Steel Works, supported Japan’s modernization in the 1900s, to provide industrial water. 

This is an artificially constructed reservoir, but it is beautifully harmonized with nature! Kawachi town was submerged under the reservoir due to construction work. One wisteria tree in the submerged town was transplanted to Kawachi Wisteria Garden. The 120-year-old wisteria tree became the first tree in the garden to give a relaxing moment to the people.

In the Wisteria Garden

There are 22 kinds of wisteria, 110m and 80m wisteria tunnels, a large trellis, a dome-shaped trellis, and a slope with a wisteria roof in the garden. All the visitors are mesmerized by colorful rainbow-like wisterias. Looking at the wisteria closely, you can notice a difference in the petals and the tone of the color of the flowers. You are in the presence of not only impeccable beauty, but also a lovely, delicate aroma. 

Though it is a wisteria garden, you might be entranced by other spring flowers there. The garden was developed by utilizing the mountain slope, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended. It takes about one hour to explore the garden, but the entrance ticket allows visitors stay for up to 2 hours. Many people enjoy the garden for the maximum time. 

Once you go out the exit, you are not allowed re-entry. The restroom is in the parking lot only. There are no cafes and convenience stores near the garden. Yes, Kawachi Wisteria Garden is melted into the mountains, and you might feel this is a hidden secret place.

Autumn leaves season

The garden is filled with 700 maple trees! It is blessed with mountain nature, and the trees are almost tall as the sky! You will be surrounded by a carpet of red and yellow leaves on the ground and enjoy their beauty when you look up as well. There are fewer people during the autumn leaves season, unlike when the wisterias are in bloom. You can enjoy walking in a quiet atmosphere!


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