A gorgeous shrine on a mountain slope ‘Yutoku Inari Shrine’

Last Updated on 2021/11/06

One of the three major Inari shrines

Yutoku Inari shrine in Kashima, Saga, one of the three major Inari shrines, was founded in 1687. The stage of the main hall is situated on a mountain slope. If you have been to Kyoto before, you might have visited ‘Kiyomizu temple’, known for its stage. Well, the stage of Yutoku Inari is even higher than Kiyomizu’s. 

The gorgeous shrine will be eye catching to you all. It was so impressive and unforgettable when I visited the shrine for the first time. The best spot to take a picture of Romon gate, Taiko bridge and the shrine all together is before crossing Taiko bridge. Let’s get ready to take great pictures!

Recommend visiting Iwasaki shrine before main hall

The mysterious harmony between the shrine and the mountain is an attractive view that can be seen from the right in front of the main hall. Before going up the stairs, we would like to recommend that you visit a small sub-shrine, Iwasaki, which is dedicated to the god of matchmaking. It is believed to connect good relationships with people as well as finding your ‘right’ partner. 

117 steps take you to the main hall on the stage. The elevator is available as well, located before crossing Taiko bridge to the right. You won’t miss it. Its modern design is well balanced with the surrounding nature. The entrance fee is 300 yen but it includes a popular fortune slip and a power stone.

Three gods and goddesses are worshiped in the main hall

Three gods and goddesses, Uganomitama no Okami, Omiyanome no Okami and Sarutahiko no Kami are dedicated in the main hall.

The first is the god of rice, the second goddess is also known as Ameno Uzumeno Mikoto, who was deified as a shrine maiden serving the god of rice, and lastly, there is the god of navigation. 

The benefits they bring are prosperity in business, traffic safety, fortunes for family and success in matchmaking. The elaborate decoration of the hall, the dragon ceiling, and the great view from the stage are all admirable points!

Okunoin and Japanese garden

If you have enough time, how about visiting the inner shrine on the summit of the mountain ‘Okunoin’? The twenty-minute climb via rugged stairs will take you there. The stunning view of the city and the Sea of Ariake is waiting for you. Don’t forget to take photos!

After going down, we would like to introduce the Japanese garden, with an entrance fee of 200 yen. It’s a well-maintained garden with seasonal flowers such as hydrangea, tree poenies, and plums. Autumn leaves with a vivid red color is especially wonderful. Why don’t you visit this beautiful Yutoku Inari shrine, which you can enjoy throughout the year?


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